5 Types of Turtles That Make Great Pets – Find Out What You Want!

Having a turtle as a pet is an exciting and fun task. They need less care than other animals. As a pet, they come quiet and fascinating. But you have to be selective while picking a turtle as a pet because not every turtle is for the house. They live long, carry diseases, and require different feeding needs. Don’t worry; I am giving a list of 5 types of turtles that make great pets for your home.

Types of Turtles That Make Great Pets

What to consider while picking turtles as pet

If you are new with a turtle, then you have to find some points before taking a turtle as a pet. The points are:

Get turtle from a good source:

Don’t consider a wild turtle as a pet. Because they don’t like to stay indoors and in a box.  Take a turtle from the local shop where they are born in captivity.

Cleanliness and healthy

Turtles are prone to carry different types of bacteria. So pregnant women, young children, and elder people should avoid touching turtle. If they touch the turtle, it is a must to wash hands properly.

Pick the right species.

You may pick a little turtle as a pet, but when it is growing huge, then it will be challenging to keep in your home, and later you have to let it go. So before losing your pet, you have to pick the species that don’t grow that huge.

Caring the turtle

Before taking the turtle, you have to ensure enough space, food for the animal. The turtle lives a long life more than any animal. They need space to roam and basking in the place they stay, a proper but messy diet, and an environment with controlled temperature.

Types of pet turtles that stay small

Enough of talking, now it is time to select the right kind of pet turtle that will make a better pet. These types need different care and environment. Check them out and pick the one you think will be the right pet for you:

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African sideneck turtle

This little turtle comes with a long neck, and this different appearance lures the pet lovers to take it. But this turtle requires extra care to grow healthy. You have to set a water filtration system in the tank and change the water weekly. It is because this turtle loves to swim in the clean water. The basking area of the tank requires suitable UV lights to control the temperature and basking time. The indoor environment is suitable for this turtle, just ensure enough D3 and Vitamin A diet. If you take care of this turtle properly, it will stay alive for 50 years.

Red-eared slider

This species is one of the popular ones among pet lovers. This turtle is active, sociable, and friendly in nature. They grow well indoors, and if you ensure the right warm, clean, and perfect shelter, you can grow them outdoors. It will help to give them enough space. For growing and basking, this turtle requires a large tank. You also have to attach a pure water filtration system and light. For diet, large houses and sizes make them expensive to care for.

Mississippi map turtle

This turtle has a unique dorsal fin in the shell, and it looks beautiful for it. This turtle requires proper diet, clean water, warm, and basking light to stay healthy and grow. The good thing about this turtle is, it doesn’t need a huge space to survive. Ensure a peaceful and warm environment for this turtle to grow up. 

Eastern box turtle

The box turtle is adaptable in any environment if you ensure a huge space with the right shelter. You have to keep them in a humid environment with a water pool and UVB light for basking. Don’t keep the turtle in a dry or cold environment or get sick fast. This turtle is easy to handle and take care of.

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Western painted turtle

If you want an attractive turtle, then this turtle is for you. However, it is a little turtle but needs huge space, clean water, and lights for basking to get suitable temperature to grow. This turtle eats when it is swimming, so you have to keep food in the water. So you have to change the water frequently.


People love turtle as a pet because they are fun to handle. There are different types of turtle in the environment, but all are not good to take a pet. Because some turtle tends to grow in huge size after a certain time, and some don’t like to stay in a tank. So you have to pick the type that you may take a pet. To help the one who wants turtle to keep a pet, the information of the 5 types of turtles that make great pets are given in this article. Go through the article and pick the one you like. Remember that turtles carry bacteria. So if your children or your pregnant wife handle the turtle, alert them to wash hands properly. Take turtle as a pet if you can maintain proper cleanliness, care, light for it, and roam in the environment.

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