Turtle Basking Platform Ideas – Most Easiest way

Although many species of turtle live around water, they are classified as amniotes along with birds, mammals, and other reptiles. They typically lay eggs underwater and breathe air. That is why they need a basking platform to get some UV rays. Usually, there are basking platforms for turtle available on the shops that you can choose, but they are very costly. However, if you have adequate time, you can consider making a turtle basking platform.

It is effortless to make a turtle basking platform. In today’s article, we will discuss some fantastic turtle basking platform ideas that you can implement for the well-being of your favorite turtle pets. Keep reading the next pieces of the paragraph to find out the complete guide.

Turtle Basking Platform Ideas

Amazing Turtle Basking Platform Ideas with complete guide

Plastic Bin Method

You can use a plastic bin method to make a basking platform for your turtle. Here is how you will do this:

Things you will require for this procedure include:

  • A plastic bin
  • Coat-hanger or wire hanger.
  • Sharp anti cutter.
  • Zip tires.
  • Shelving liner (it’s optional)

Follow the below steps now:

  • You will need to select a plastic bin of the right size. The size of the container will depend on the turtle. For the adult and more prominent species, you will require a more significant plastic bin to ensure adequate basking space for them. Also, note the area of your aquarium as you mustn’t want the bin to be bigger than the water tank.
  • Now we will cut the bin in the perfect shape for the procedure. The step is a little bit risky and should be done with adult supervision. Basically, you will require cutting a doorway so that the turtle can easily enter in the bin. Make sure that the wide of the doorway is enough for your turtle to come comfortably.
  •  You must cut the doorway from the bottom of the bin. Also, make sure to cut some extra plastic near the bottom to create a smooth ramp for the turtle. Then remove the doorway from the plastic bin.
  • Now you will require attaching the plastic doorway again with the bin. For doing so, drill some holes in the bin where you want to put the ramp. Usually, the ramp will be under the doorway of the plastic bin. Drill two holes the front side of the ramp and other two in the bin rim. To be accurate, drill the hole in the same line of the doorway and the plastic rim of the bin.
  • Now take the wire hanger or cloth hanger and stick one end of it through the hole of the ramp and the opposite end through the other hole. Twist both ends properly so that the hanger doesn’t fall apart.
  • Now you will require setting up the basking platform in the aquarium. Usually, most people keep the basking area on one side of the wall. If it is also true for you, then you can set the basking platform above the aquarium when one side is facing the wall. You can screw the platform with the wall to make it stable.

Congratulations, you have made a perfect bashing platform your pets. This is one of the cheapest ideas of the basking platform for the turtles. Make sure that the ramp is touching the water so that the turtle can easily acquire it. If the turtles are sleeping from the ramp, then you can use the shelving line for additional grip. 

Egg Crate Method

Let us introduce you to another exciting turtle basking platform idea to you. You will be happy to know that it is cheaper than the procedure, as mentioned above.

You will need the below-mentioned things for this purpose:

  • Zip Ties
  • Egg crate (4×2 ft. sheets).
  • A small piece of carpet
  • Pliers

Follow the below instructions:

  1. Make sure that you have picked the right size of the egg crate sheets. That is important as you will create a box by attaching them. Start with cutting them in two pieces for the box. Use the pliers that arrive with sharp edges for this purpose.
  2. Start with measuring the width of the aquarium and then cut a piece of the sheet in the right size for the surface, so the prepared box fits perfectly. Make sure that you are creating them width enough so that the turtle can comfortably stay on it.
  3. Noe cut four pieces of the sheet that you can use for the wall. Choose your preferred height and make sure they are not too long or small. Then cut a doorway as like as above so that the turtle can enter the basking area easily. The width of the doorway must be enough for your turtle.
  4. Now join the pieces using the zip ties to prefer the box. That means you will need to attach the parts of the crate that you have cut for preparing the proposed box. Be assured that you are putting the doorway in the front.
  5. Now prepare another piece of the crate to be used as the ramp as per the doorway. Then you will need to attach the ramp in an inclined angle with the bottom of the door. The turtle must be able to get into the slope from the aquarium.

The basking area will be ready to use. Put it carefully above the aquarium and fix it for stability. 

Should you Use the Commercially Available Basking Platforms?

Yes, you can use the commercially available basking areas for your turtle. The advantage of the platforms is they are stronger than the one you created, also well optimized for the comfort of the turtle. However, they will cost you the right amount of money. If you don’t have enough time to spend on creating a basking area and if you have enough money for spending in then you consider buying one.

Hopefully, after reading the above two turtle basking platform ideas, now you should be able to create the suitable one as per your preference.

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