Red Eared Slider Tank size – Configuration for the Best Size

The red-eared sliders are one of the most impressive variants of the turtle. Primarily, the unique appearance makes it one of the preferred choices as a pet. When compared with the other turtles, you will notice some differences in this species. They are semi-aquatic, which means they spend a significant amount of time above the surface. Another thing about the turtle is it requires a bigger tank than the other variations.

If you are petting red eared sliders, then it is essential to choose the right size of the tank. In today’s article, we will explain how to decide the right size of the container for red-eared sliders.

Red eared slider tank size

Red eared slider tank size – Complete Guide for Setup a tank

Choosing the correct size of the tank for your turtle may seem confusing, but actually, it is easy. The tank or aquarium size typically depends on the size of the turtle. You will require going for a larger tank for the adult turtle and smaller tank for the baby or juvenile turtle. As a general rule of thumb, for 1 inch of the turtle size, you will require 10 gallons of water. That means for a 12-inch full grown red eared slider, you will need a 120-gallon tank.

The red-eared sliders need to eat, sleep, swim, and expel in the same water. As a result, the water becomes filthy in quick order. That is why the tank requires a large amount of water to dilute the waste to keep the water healthy. If you have a baby turtle, then you can start with a smaller tank according to its size. However, you will require upgrading into a bigger container in the long run. As an example, you can choose a 30-gallon tank for a 4-inch baby red-eared slider.

The depth of the water is also essential to consider. That is because the turtle usually swims fully submerged. You can choose a taller variation of the tank instead of a longer one for a better fit.

How to set a tank for red-eared slider

As we said earlier, the red-eared slider passes a lot of time basking. That is why it is vital to create a proper basking area for this species. The lighting is also essential to provide the temperature to the turtle. Below, we will discuss how to set up different things of the red-eared slider tank.

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The first thing you will do is put adequate water in the tank. You can follow the guideline mentioned above to set up the water according to your turtle size. Make sure that you are also putting the basking area supplies such as the stones rock, plastic floating shape. You can also add plastic plants that are edible for the turtle. Overall, you will need to gather everything that will be required to simulate the turtle habitat.

Tank decoration

Fill up the tank with water. Then set the water filter. The water filter is essential to keep the water in good shape for the well-being of the turtle. There are different variations of the water filter for aquarium available in the shop. You will need to choose the one that is suitable for dealing with the amount of water in the tank.

Basking area

Now you will create the basking area. Put the stones on one side of the tank. There must be a smooth and bigger rock on the above which is not submerged in the water entirely. The turtle will sit on it while basking. More so, you will require to create a ramp for the turtle using the smaller stones so that the turtle can reach the bigger stone easily. There must be the basking light on the above of the basking area. 

Put the things in the tank in a way so that you can easily clean it whenever required. Note that the turtle is capable of knock over and pushing the stuff around. So, pout the things in a way so that the turtle cannot move them.

Water temperature

Another vital part of the tank is the water temperature. The tank water temperature for the red-eared slider should around 74 to 78 degrees in the Fahrenheit scale. It should be up to 80 Fahrenheit for during the hatchlings. The temperature around the basking area should be around 90 to 95 F. To keep the temperature of the water in control; you can use the submersible aquarium water heater.

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However, if you are going to use the heater, be assured about the glass tank as they can get damaged by the heater and cause severe damages to the turtle. You must keep the temperature in control to resist such problems.

Basking lights

The basking lights are one of the critical parts of the turtle captivity though some owners are unaware of these. The basking lights help to dry the turtle ultimately whenever they want.  By drying the body, the turtle can get rid of the bacteria and germs. More so, the light is significant for the shell development of the turtle.

There are specific lights available in the pet shops. Make sure that you are not using the usual bulbs as they are not suitable. The light should be set in around 10 to 12 inches away from the basking area, depending on the watt. You will also require a UVB lamp for the turtle’s tank. The UVB rays are also crucial for the turtle to keep their body free from the diseases.

Notably, the rays aid to resist the metabolic bone diseases and helps in the overall development of the turtle. They are also needed to create a virtual day-night situation in the turtle tank. There are some lights which can be provided both heat and the UVB rays. The lights must be changed within six months to ensure the correct output.

The red-eared slider is a beautiful creature, and they require proper maintenance for well-being. Hopefully, the above guideline will clear all your confusion about the tank of the red-eared slider.

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