Paper Plate Turtle Craft Idea

Are you looking for a fun and easy craft idea for kids? Look no further than the paper plate turtle! With just a few supplies, you can create a cute and colorful turtle that will delight children of all ages.

To make your own paper plate turtle, all you need is a paper plate, green paint, scissors, and some construction paper. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions and watch as your child’s creativity takes flight. Not only is this a fun project, but it also helps develop fine motor skills and encourages imaginative play. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get crafting!

Paper Plate Turtle Craft Idea

Paper Plate Turtle Craft Idea

If you are looking for a fun and easy craft idea for kids, a paper plate turtle is a perfect option. Not only is it simple to create, but it also provides an opportunity for children to learn about turtles and their habitats.

Materials Needed

To make a paper plate turtle, you will need the following items:

  • One paper plate
  • Green and brown paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Two googly eyes
  • Green construction paper
  • Black marker

Once you have all your materials ready, you can begin creating your paper plate turtle.


To make a paper plate turtle, follow these simple steps:

  1. Paint the entire paper plate green and let it dry.
  2. Using the brown paint, add spots on the turtle’s back and let it dry.
  3. Cut the paper plate in half.
  4. Attach the two halves together with glue, leaving a small opening at the top for the head.
  5. Cut out four legs from the green construction paper and attach them to the underside of the paper plate.
  6. Draw a head with the black marker on the green construction paper and cut it out.
  7. Glue the head to the top of the paper plate, making sure to leave room for the googly eyes.
  8. Glue the googly eyes to the head.
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Your paper plate turtle is now complete and ready to be displayed or played with.


The paper plate turtle craft idea provides several benefits for children, such as:

  • Developing creativity and imagination
  • Improving fine motor skills through cutting and gluing
  • Learning about turtles and their habitats
  • Encouraging parent-child bonding through a fun and engaging activity

Alternative Options

If you want to make your paper plate turtle craft idea more unique, try some of these alternative options:

  • Use different colors or patterns for the turtle’s shell
  • Add different textures to the turtle’s shell, such as glitter or sequins
  • Create a whole family of paper plate turtles in different sizes

Overall, the paper plate turtle craft idea is a fun and educational activity for children that provides many benefits. Try it out with your child and see their creativity come to life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Paper Plate Turtle Craft Idea:

What materials do I need to make a paper plate turtle?

To make a paper plate turtle, you will need a paper plate, green paint, a paintbrush, green construction paper, scissors, glue, googly eyes, and a black marker.

First, paint the paper plate green and let it dry. Then cut the construction paper into the shape of a turtle shell and glue it onto the back of the paper plate. Cut out legs, a head, and a tail from the remaining construction paper and glue them onto the plate. Add googly eyes and draw a mouth with the black marker.

Can I use other colors besides green?

Of course! You can use any color you like to paint the paper plate. You can also use different colors for the turtle shell and the other parts of the turtle. Get creative and make your own unique paper plate turtle!

Just remember to let the paint dry completely before adding the other parts of the turtle. You don’t want the colors to smudge or mix together.

Is this craft suitable for young children?

Yes, this craft is great for young children! It’s easy to do and doesn’t require any complicated steps. Young children will enjoy painting the paper plate and cutting out the turtle parts.

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However, adult supervision is recommended when using scissors and glue. Make sure to use child-safe scissors and non-toxic glue.

Can I use different materials instead of construction paper?

Yes, you can use different materials to make the turtle parts. For example, you can use felt, foam sheets, or even fabric. Just make sure the material is easy to cut and glue onto the paper plate.

You can also add other decorations to your turtle, such as glitter, stickers, or sequins. Let your imagination run wild!

What other animals can I make with paper plates?

There are many other animals you can make with paper plates! Some ideas include a paper plate lion, a paper plate fish, or a paper plate butterfly. You can find tutorials and ideas online or come up with your own designs.

Paper plate crafts are a fun and easy way to get creative and make something unique. Plus, they’re inexpensive and use materials you probably already have at home.

Paper Plate Turtle Craft Idea 2


In conclusion, the paper plate turtle craft idea is an excellent activity for kids who love to explore their creative side. Using simple materials like paper plates, paint, and construction paper, children can create an adorable turtle that they can be proud of. Not only is this craft fun and engaging, but it also helps children develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Moreover, this craft is a great way to teach kids about turtles and their habitat. Parents or teachers can use this activity to introduce children to the concept of conservation and the importance of protecting the environment. By making a connection between the craft and real-life turtles, children can learn valuable lessons that will stay with them for years to come.

Lastly, the paper plate turtle craft idea is a perfect way to spend quality time with your children. Crafting is a fun and interactive activity that allows parents and children to bond and create lasting memories. So why not gather the materials and create your own paper plate turtle today? Your child will love it!

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