How to Take Care of a Baby Turtle

Turtles are becoming very popular as pets nowadays. That is because of the impressive appearance and quality companionship of the animal. Usually, baby turtles are more preferred as pets than the adult turtle. The baby turtles require special care as they are prone to disease and other issues. You must know how to take care of a baby turtle to

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Painted Turtle vs Red Eared Slider

The painted turtle and red-eared slider are two of the most popular turtle species available for pets. Both of the turtles arrive at almost the same size and appearance. So, amongst painted turtle vs red-eared slider, which is more suitable for petting? Keep reading the write-up to find out different information about both species of the turtle. Painted Turtle vs

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Can You Overfeed a Turtle?

Can You Overfeed a Turtle

Turtles are considered as an opportunistic eater. That means whenever they get access to food; they will keep eating it until the supply is over. If you are maintaining pet turtles in captive, then you may notice that the turtle is always like begging for food. They do it because of the voracious nature. Such behavior may make you think

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How Do Sea Turtles Sleep?

How Do Sea Turtles Sleep

Sea turtles are one of the mysterious creatures of nature. Though the turtles are one of the oldest animals, a lot of information is yet to know about the species. They have entirely different and identical behavior and habits when compared with the other reptiles. You may know that sea turtles pass most of their time in the water. So,

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