What Are Reptile UV Lights?

What Are Reptile UV Lights

Did you know that Reptiles can actually see UV radiation? The fact that this is true is a matter of debate. But if you own a reptilian pet such as a turtle, then you surely know that you need reptile light to keep your reptile healthy and alive. Now, the question is, “Are reptile UV lights safe for humans?” The

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What Do Box Turtles Eat?

What Do Box Turtles Eat

Box Turtle is a popular and one of the most beautiful variants of the pet turtle. When compared with the other species, they are pretty friendly and identify the owner. That means the beautiful specie of the turtle can be a long-term companion of you if provided proper care and appropriate environment. A box turtle usually eats a variety of

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What is the Smallest Turtle in the World?

What is the Smallest Turtle in the World

There are more than 356 species of turtle in thirteen different families. Amongst them, most species of turtles are tiny in size. Ever wonder, which is the smallest turtle in the world? People nowadays are searching for smaller turtles for many reasons. Little turtles are suitable for the captive, easy to maintain, and don’t require a lot of space. If

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