How to Make Tap Water Safe for Turtles

The health and well-being of a turtle in captivity mostly depends on its environment. And, water is one of the most critical parts of its environment. It is quite essential to ensure the quality of the water that you are pouring in the turtle tank. Most people directly add tap water in the aquarium of the turtle, which is not safe at all.

The tap water contains various chemicals which can cause harm to the turtle. So, how to make tap water safe for turtles? Keep going through the guide to find the full explanation.

How to Make Tap Water Safe for Turtles 1

How to Make Tap Water Safe for Turtles

As we said earlier, the tap water can include chemicals like chlorine, chloramines, and fluorides in some cases. These substances make the water safe for drinking for human beings, but they can be highly toxic for the turtle. They can also make the That is why it is crucial to purify the tap water before adding it in the tank.

In today’s guide, we will let discuss some powerful ways of making tap water safe for turtles.

Use Water Conditioner

A water conditioner can be an excellent way to treat tap water. It can efficiently remove chlorine, fluorine, and chloramine from the water. More so, the conditioner is capable of detoxifying heavy metals from the liquid. There are various specialized turtle water conditioners that you can find at both online and offline pet shops. Make sure to select the product from a well-known and quality manufacturer.

Some of the conditioners can even promote the growth of the helpful bacteria in the tank. Apart from keeping the water safe, the conditioner can also help to keep the water beautiful in the aquarium. As the water will become less dirty, you will not require a lot of effort to clean the tank.

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Add Built-in Filter

A filter can help you to keep the water clean without any hassle. There are several types of filters available for the turtle tank. It is better to go for a filter that is rated three or four times the size of the turtle tank. For example, if you have a 25 gallons aquarium, you should go for a 60 gallons filter. You can ensure a proficient performance from the device by doing so.

Make sure that the filter arrives at multiple levels of filtration, including mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. Install the filter using the proper way mentioned in its user-manual. Also, replace the filter when it requires a change.

Remove the Leftovers

As we said earlier, the turtles are pretty messy, and there will be a lot of leftovers after eating. The leftover will start decaying very soon, and they can make the water fault. So, try to remove the leftovers from the water tank as soon as possible. You can also add one teaspoon of salt per gallon to reduce the harmful bacteria from the habitat. The salt can also help to strengthen the skin and protect from skin-related diseases.

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