How Often Do Painted Turtles Eat And How Much Do They Eat?

If you have a painted turtle in our house, this guide is very important for you as here I’m going to share my 10 years’ experiences with my favorite pet, painted turtle. If you don’t know about the feeding habit of the painted turtle, it is essential to know how often do painted turtles eat, right? Sometimes you see the painted turtle is not eating anything for a couple of days; we say you don’t worry. It is a nothing matter to worry. On the other hand, the same reason is not a good sign for your turtle. Do you understand anything? Most probably you can’t understand, right? That is why this content is important for you.

Here we are going to write so many things about the turtle’s eating habits, what do turtles eat, how often do painted turtles eat? and many other things. Keep your eyes below to learn all the things step by step.

How Often Do Painted Turtles Eat

How often do Painted Turtles eat in the wild And How much do they Eat?

The diet habit of all species turtle is not the same. And also, the diet habit of all painted turtles is also not the same. Not Understand? The diet habit may differ to the age range; that is why juvenile turtles and adult turtles don’t maintain the same interval for eating. So, diet habit is different from them.

Juvenile Turtle Eating Period

The painted turtle remains juvenile up to the years of 7. After 7 years, they considered the adult turtle. But within the juvenile period, the turtles take much food, and they usually take food every day. The turtles are most active during the morning and in the evening. So, it is the best time to feed the juvenile painted turtles. In this juvenile period, the turtles need calcium and vitamin supplements. So always pay attention to the diet menu of your juvenile painted turtle as vitamin and calcium are supplied in an adequate amount.

If you see the turtle is not eating for a couple of days, then you have to understand something is going on the wrong way. In this condition, you should consult a vet. On the other hand, if you see the turtle’s growth is well, and the turtle becomes healthy and big than the age, during that period, if the turtle avoids a day eating, it is not a major issue. But, to ensure this matter, you should tell the story to the vet and follow his advice.

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Adult Turtle Eating Period

After the age of 7 years old, a painted turtle is considered the adult turtle. In the adult period, the turtle may not eat every day. But you should not wonder if it takes a diet every day. But most of the time they take a single or couple of daybreak, and then they eat. Usually, they eat at the end of every single or couple of days. For your concern, I’m saying clearly painted turtle not eating every day. If you see the turtle is not eating anything for 3 days, it is not a problem primarily. But when you see it avoids food for more days, it is a matter to think. Usually, adult turtles take around 20 minutes to eat. And you may remove the uneaten food from in front of the turtle’s head. You can give them any food; they don’t deny any type of food as you know turtle is an omnivorous animal.

Hibernation Period

You should know clearly about the diet habit of painted turtle in the hibernation period. In fact, in the hibernation period, the painted turtles sleep. And they sleep through the winter and in that period usually they don’t eat anything. But if they want to eat anything you should give him food. But it is not necessary to offer food every day. At the same time, you may give water every day so that he can take a bath, or he may drink if necessary.

How Often Do Painted Turtles Diet

Many people don’t know exactly what do turtles eat? To them, it is said, the turtle is omnivorous, and they eat a variety of food. But you should think about the proper diet of your turtle. You should give varieties of food so that the turtle can get essential vitamins and other essential nutrients. Your painted turtles may love to eat one type of food every day, but you should give him different types of food.

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Diet Supplement of painted turtles

You may supply plants and proteins most for your painted turtles. And it is the common scenario that the painted turtles are eating plants and protein-containing food every day. But you should keep in mind that they also need calcium and vitamins in a large quantity, especially when the turtle is in the juvenile period. On the other hand, the pregnant turtles also need more vitamins and calcium on their everyday diet menu. To supply more vitamins and calcium, you may give pieces of cooked chicken, pieces of chopped of beef heart, and even low fat dog food.

We have mentioned those foods for an example. It is not mandatory that you have to ensure only those foods. What to ensure is just confirm that your painted turtle is getting proper and ideal food in the everyday diet menu.

Feeding Tips of Painted Turtles

We don’t know how you give the food to your painted turtles. But you should give the food in a container always. Though it sounds bad, the turtle is a messy eater. If you give the food in a container, then you will have to give less effort to clean the feeding area. But if you give live fish to your turtle, you may give it directly on the water. But for the other food, a container is really a good option. Not done here, you also get back the uneaten food after eating has been finished.


We hope these don’t have anything left that is not shared here about the turtle’s diet habit. Today or tomorrow, you must have to know these if you have painted turtle or if you intend to have a painted turtle in your house. Just ensure that you are giving different varieties of food and vitamins, calcium, and other minerals are supplied with the food, nothing else. But don’t forget to give them in a container. If you don’t forget, I said turtles are messy eaters.

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