How Much are Turtles at Pets Mart?

Nowadays, a lot of people are considering turtle as a pet. It is adorable, and the maintenance is also less costly when compared with others. If you are planning to have a turtle, you can consider buying one from Pets Mart. So, how much are turtles at Pets Mart?

In this post, we will discuss the prices of different turtle varieties. We will also let you know about the cost of setting up its habitat.

How Much are Turtles at Pets Mart

How Much are Turtles at Pets Mart?

The price of the turtles can vary on a large scale depending on the types. The commonly available varieties of turtle cost less when the rare ones cost much. However, the good news is most of the turtles are available at a price range of around $5 to $50. Some of the rare varieties will cost up to hundreds of dollars as they are hard to find.

Some turtles may cost more in some places while costing less in other locations. That’s because of the availability and legality issues. Based on the price, the red-eared sliders are the cheapest turtle in the US, costing around $5 to $25. The next on the list is the Painted Turtle, which costs around $20 to $40. The snapping turtle prices also vary on the same scale.

The Box Turtle price is a little bit high, which varies around $30 to $50 as they are less common and hard to find. The costliest variants of the turtle are the Albino Red Eared Slider and Albino Snapping Turtle. They can cost up to USD 5000. However, you may not find all the varieties of turtles mentioned above in the Pets Mart stores.

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What are the Things I Will Require for Turtle Habitat?

Well, owning a turtle can be pretty expensive as the buying cost of the pet is not the only thing you need to pay for. You must ensure a proper habitat for the turtle that will consist of an aquarium, lights, basking space, and other things.

The more elaborated answer about turtle habitat is given below


You will require a big enough aquarium for the turtle based on its size. If you have a four-inch turtle, you will require purchasing a 40-gallon aquarium. In case you two four-inch turtles, you will require an 80-gallon aquarium. If you are purchasing a small turtle tank, try to go for a bigger one that can fit the turtle for a long time.

The cost of a turtle’s tank varies based on the size. The price typically varies from $100 to $200. However, a fully equipped turtle tank with a filtration system and other supplies may cost up to $350.


Lights are a crucial part of turtle’s habitat. Turtle body temperature needs to be regulated to ensure a healthy life. In the wild, the turtle basks under the sun for a period of time to keep their body temperature appropriate. As it is not possible, you will require adding basking light in the turtle’s habitat. That’s not all; you will require ultraviolet lights too.

Turtles need UV lights to maintain metabolism and appetite. These lights are also responsible for stress management and D3 production. You will need to invest around $50 to $100 for the turtle house’s UV and heat lamp.

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Water Filter

Turtle is a pretty messy animal. They can quickly make the clean water dirty with poop and remaining foods. That’s why you will also require a water filter to maintain a clean environment in the turtle’s tank. You may also change the water manually. But it will be a daunting task to change the water every two or three days.

You will still require changing the water with a water filter but once or twice a week maximum. It will cost you around $50 to $100

Other Supplies

Apart from the items mentioned above, you will require a basking dock. It will enable the turtle to come out of the water if it wants and bask on dry. Besides, you may want to add fiber substrate, sand, gravel, fluorite, etc., to decorate the tank and give it a lovely appearance.

As we discussed above, a turtle doesn’t cost much. But when considered with supplies required for its habitat, you need to pay a good amount of money to maintain a turtle.

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