How Long Can a Turtle Live Without Food or Water? (Fantastic Research)

How Long Can Painted Turtles Go Without Food

Do you know how long can a turtle live without food? Some pets require much energy to maintain the internal temperature of the body. That is why they also need a lot of food. Most of the cases, they are not homoeothermic animals. But turtles are different from them, and these animals use less energy to maintain the internal body temperature as they are homoeothermic animals. That is why they also don’t require much energy from food, and they also take less food. That is the reason the turtles can go for a long time without taking any food.

How Long Can a Turtle Live Without Food

In the hibernation period, they also sleep through the winter season, and at that time, they usually don’t eat food. But they usually don’t hibernate when they kept as a pet. But the environment may force them to hibernate sometimes, which is exceptional. Anyway, we are going to know how long can a turtles go without food in detail because there have many factors to consider!

How Long Can a Turtle Live Without Food or Eating

Usually, the juvenile turtle eats food daily, and the adult turtle takes food at the end of the two or three days. This is their natural food habit. But the turtles can go more without taking any food. Obviously, there have various factors on how long can a turtle go without eating.

Water Quality

One of the primary factors is the availability of water and the condition of the water. Though the turtles don’t need too much food for maintaining the internal body temperature, they need the minimum also. In the starvation period, the fat storage within the body starts burning, and the turtle takes energy from the fat storage. At the same time, they drink the water and swim in the water also. In this condition, they may pass several weeks too. The condition doesn’t produce any serious health issues. Some wild turtles also need to pass the starvation period sometimes. And it is not only for turtles, some other animals pass the starvation period also.

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Light and Temperature

The turtles stay most of the time in the water, and they also need a dry place. They use a dry place for basking, and they also require optimum temperature. Natural sunlight is definitely good for them. If natural sunlight is not possible to maintain, you should ensure ultraviolet light and should ensure optimum temperature by artificial heat light. If the turtle can get enough UVB light, and if the optimum temperature is ensured (70-95 degrees), they can pass several weeks to months without food.

Hibernation Period

The turtles are a cool blooded animal, you know. That is why they become aggressive and more active at high temperatures. But when the temperature falls, they become less active and also lethargic. That is why in the winter season, the turtles hibernate. In that period, they maintain anaerobic respiration, and in that time, they only maintain the basal metabolic rate. In that period, they also don’t take a diet or take a negligible diet. In the hibernation period, they can pass the most long period without food is about several weeks to three months.

Age of Turtles

Age is an important factor for this starvation period. The adult turtles can store more fat than the juvenile turtles, Naturally. The younger turtles that age is below 7 months cannot go longer periods even on the presence of light, temperature, and water as the adult turtles. Up to three months, an adult turtle can survive without food. But the juvenile or younger turtles never can go for the same period as the adult.

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Summary Of How Long Can a Turtle Live

You come to know that the turtles can live without food several weeks to months. But do you let them go without food for a long time? No, never. You should not do this. Just keep in mind always the turtle is your pet, and you are definitely a good owner. And you know a good owner never let any pet fall in danger. Just think you have a pet that gives you company for years to years that require the minimum care, and that can go several weeks to months without food if necessary. Where you find such a type of loyal and good pet? So, feed your turtle as they demand.


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