How to Tell How big do snapping turtles get?

Turtles are fun to take as a pet because it needs less time and maintenance. There are different turtle species from which you can pick a turtle as a pet. As we are talking about snapping turtles, you have to be sure about it. Because you have to invest a lot of time and effort to raise up the snapping turtle healthy, this turtle is quite challenging to keep at home because it grows huge and lives a long life. The question is, how big do snapping turtles get?  Well, this turtle can grow up to 15 to 26 inches in length, and the weight goes up to 175 pounds. In this article, I will talk about snapping turtle facts and the factors that determine the turtle’s size.

How to Tell How big do snapping turtles get

How fast does a snapping turtle grow?

 The snapping turtle is known for their taste, and they grow up big fast. The common snapper grows 12 to 15 cm in length by two years age. In 15 to 20 years, the shell growth grows slow in 12 to 14 inches. Some snappers grow fast, and snappers grow slow.

The factors that make the turtle grow

The weight and size come in different from species to spices. Some factors work in determining the size and weight. Here are the factors that influence the growth of the snapping turtle:

Age :

The snapping turtle’s life starts from eggs. The egg comes in 1 to 1.5-inch length. In the first years, the turtle grows super-fast, and it lasts for 2-4 years.

In the wild, the turtle age works magically. You will see an old turtle is more significant than the pet snapping turtle. The biggest turtle in the world is the Galapagos turtle. This turtle is so big that other animals don’t dare to come near. This helps the turtle to grow bigger in size as they can have any food and sleep anywhere without any problem. This is the same principle of the snapping turtle life.


The diet of the snapping turtle is interesting. The young snapping turtle loves to eat meat a lot than the aged snapping turtle. So you can guess, it is the protein that helps the snapping turtle to grow big. Snapping turtle is also omnivorous; it means the turtle also likes plants. You can give turtle pellets, fish, meat, insects, worms, fruits, vegetables, and berries. 

Berries, vegetables, and fruits meet the need of nutrients and vitamins, with meat the protein. The protein is responsible for turtle growth.

UVB light

The UVB light is the spectrum of UV light that is essential light for the snapping turtle. This light helps to produce Vitamin D3 that is essential for calcium. Without calcium, bone and shell health will grow weak. In the wild, it is easy to get UVB light while basking. For pet turtles, you have to ensure UVB light with a UVB bulb that works as UVB rays of the sun.

Why it is not a good idea to take a common snapping turtle as a pet

The reasons I am telling this is given below:

  • Snapping turtles are naturally aggressive.
  • The size and weight of the turtle is too huge
  • This turtle lives for 40-50 years long.
  • You have to keep an extra budget to feed this turtle as they have a good appetite and loves meat. I mean a lot. 

FAQ: About How big do snapping turtles get

Can a snapping turtle kill you?

No, the snapping turtle will not kill you. If you irritate the turtle for no reason, the jaw clamps will cause injury if it bites you.

Are snapping turtles dangerous?

snapping turtles don’t attack humans until it is provoked. So it is not a dangerous animal.

How can you tell a snapping turtle?

The snapping turtle cannot pull head, legs, or tail all by himself inside the shell. The shell of the snapping turtle is flat with a deep groove in the Centre. 

Can you keep a snapping turtle as a pet?

If you have ample time and can give huge effort, then you can keep a snapping turtle as a pet.

Final thought

Snapping turtle is not suitable as a pet if you have children at home and don’t have proper space. This turtle requires huge space, time, and effort. It is better to keep and let it grow in wild nature. If you see the snapping turtle grow, you will not believe how big snapping turtles get. I think it is better to let this turtle stay all by itself in the wild happy, and healthy.

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