Do Red Eared Sliders Need light at night?

Red Eared Sliders are native to the United States. However, they are mostly found in the range between Illinois to the Gulf of Mexico. They are a freshwater reptile open found in the marshes, ponds, slow-moving waters. They are becoming a popular variation of the pet turtle because of its exotic behavior and beautiful appearance. It is important to ensure a proper habitat for the variation of the turtle to ensure their well-being.

What differs the red-eared sliders from the other is their basking time. They pass most of the time basking. As a result, they require a larger area of basking and lighting. If you want to know about the lighting of the red-eared sliders basking area, then keep reading this article. Today, we will discuss whether or not the red-eared sliders require lights at night. We will also try to provide you some other information that you need to know for petting the tiny creature.

Do Red Eared Sliders Need light at night

Lighting for red-eared sliders

The temperature for the red-eared sliders is critical. The turtles are cold-blooded animals, which means they assume the warmth from the environment. That means the heat of the environment determines the activities of the red-eared sliders. Their actions also become slower in low temperatures. That is why it is compelling to have a proper heat source when they are in captivity. The water temperature, as well as the basking area temperature for the reptile, is equally essential.

One of the cheapest ways to supply the heat is by using a 100-watt incandescent bulb accompanied by reflector hood. More so, there are heat lamps and ceramic heating elements available in the pet shops. If you are going to use the ceramic heating element, then make sure to put them from outside in the aquarium. It will resist any direct contact with the water as well as the accidental burning of the animal.

Basking temperature and night time

The basking temperature of the basking area should be around 75 degrees to 88 degrees in the Fahrenheit scale. It will better if there is any gradient of heat so that the turtle can choose a suitable temperature. Now let’s talk about the most critical part of the article. You must offer the turtle night time. That means there is no necessity of extra heat and light if the temperature remains around 70 degrees.

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As like the human, turtle requires day-night circle for the well-being and functionality of their health. If the cycle can hamper, then the turtle will become stressed and sick. So, you shouldn’t keep the light on at night.

Do they need UV lights?

Certainly, the red-eared sliders must require UV lights. In nature, they usually get the UV lights from the sun. The wild red eared sliders spend a lot of time by basking under the sun, from where they get ultra-violet UV light as well as direct sunlight. The lights are essential as they produce vitamin D3 in the skin. If the turtle doesn’t get enough UV light, then it can get affected by metabolic bone disease. The disease can become fatal if not treated quickly.

Herewith the UV rays, we mean both the UV A and the UV B rays.Both of the uva uvb light for turtles are required for the well-being of the turtle. There are specialized lights available in the pet shops that can produce UV lights in the basking area of the turtle. Most of the bulbs available can provide both the UV-A and UV-B rays.

When to change the lights?

Note that the output of these bulbs starts falling with time. That means they require changing within every six months. The lights must reach to the turtle in an unfiltered form. It means there shouldn’t be any plastic between the turtle and the bulb. Generally, these bulbs require set at 7 to 10 inches away from the pet. However, the different bulbs may require maintaining different lengths according to the volts. So, check out the user manual that arrives with the light for a better acknowledgment.

Which type of aquarium you will require for red-eared sliders.

The turtle requires the same surrounding as the way they live in the wild. Otherwise, they can become stressed, sick, and may die in the long-term. That is why the habitat of the turtle must resemble their wild environment. The tank should be large enough even if the turtle is small. Choosing a larger aquarium also means you will need not to spend for another one when the turtle becomes larger. The tank of the turtle must include adequate water and a dry area where the turtle can escape the water for basking, heat source, and UV light source.

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The red-eared sliders water tank require at least 30 to 50 gallon in size. The water must be more than 1.5 to 2 times higher than the total length of the turtle. That is because these turtles usually swim fully submerged in the water. As per some guidelines, the length of the total swimming area should be 4 to 7 times the shell length. Around 25 percent of the surface of the tank should be dry for basking. There should be a ramp so that the turtle can easily climb in the basking area from the water. You can use the rock to create a turtle’s basking area.

When to change the water?

Another essential thing about turtle health is clean water. As the turtle stay, eat, eliminate, and sleep in the same area, the water requires to be changed within once a week or more if it becomes dirty quickly. Change the water at least for once every week. You can change the whole water or 50% of the water, as some of the turtle owners mentioned. Make sure the water temperature is suitable before you put the turtle in the tank. You can use an electric tank heater to maintain the temperature. You can also add edible artificial plants in the tank.

The red-eared slider is a beautiful variant of the turtle. Hopefully, the above guide (Do Red Eared Sliders Need light at night) on the red-eared sliders will let you know everything, including the lighting and habitat of this species.

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