Can turtles live with fish?

Isn’t it fun to have an aquarium filled with your favorite aquatic pets like turtles and fish? You might be imagining how great it is to have them both, but many people have doubts about whether it is ideal and safe to put them together.

Can turtles coexist with fish? Will they be able to live together in the same aquarium? These are the things that you might be thinking about as you fear that turtles might not view fishes as a housemate. To ease your mind, let us share information on whether these two can live together, if yes, what types of fish that turtles can live with, and other things about aquariums.

Can turtles live with fish?

Can turtles live with fish?

The turtles and fishes are two of the aquatic animals that most people get as their pets. But can you have them together put in one place?

Yes, turtles can live with fish. There are, however, some factors that you should consider before putting them in one tank or aquarium, such as the tank size, tanks conditions and filtration, and compatibility. We will elaborate this for you:

1. Tank Size

The turtles’ size differs from their kind; some pet turtle species reach 4 to 12 inches. Thus, you need to find a fitting tank or best turtle aquarium for your turtles with enough space for the fish. Tanks or aquariums have different sizes. The standard rule to get a suitable tank is that the measurement lies on the size of the turtle, such that the space should contain 10 gallons of water for every inch of a turtle. This is a per turtle measurement.

Getting a larger tank when you plan to have more than two turtles is an excellent option to give them more space to avoid any possibility of injuring or bullying of these pets. To limit their confrontations, you can fit into the tank ornaments or hideouts.

2. Tank Conditions and Filters

Aside from looking at the tank size, you should also check the tank conditions to see if it can offer a livable environment for the turtles and fish. You will have to look at the temperature and water pH levels. The best temperature for fishes and turtles should be within 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. As for the pH level, it should be between 7 to 9. Additionally, check your chlorine and ammonia levels; this should be zero or at least close to it.

Another consideration is the filtration system. Since two different creatures will be living in the aquarium, there will be more waste. Hence, a sound filtration system is very much necessary.

3. Compatibility

This is an important consideration when you want to mix different species of aquatic animals like fishes and turtles. If you opt to have other species of turtles, you should consider their sizes. It is not recommended to have a large size turtle like red-eared sliders and a smaller size of painted turtles. The more enormous turtle may injure the smaller one. This goes the same way with fish. Select fishes that can adapt to living with turtles.

So, yes, fishes and turtles can live together, but the abovementioned factors should be considered to avoid any bad encounters between the two. The considerations will also ensure that they will have a suitable environment for proper and healthy growth and development.

What Fish Can Live With Turtles?

Fishes are one of the foods that turtles eat. Large turtles might chase the smaller fishes for consumption; however, smaller turtles may not be entirely safe with bigger fish species. To avoid these two from consuming each other, you should select the fishes and turtles with caution.

Here are some of the fishes that can live with turtles:

  • Algae eaters
  • Ă€ngel Fish
  • Cherry barbs
  • Corydoras
  • Guppies
  • Mollies
  • Neon tetras
  • Tetras
  • Zebra Fish

The list provided above is only some of the fishes that you may consider living with your turtles. We will give you some tips to know whether the fish that you selected is compatible with the turtles:

First, if you have a small fish, make sure that it can swim fast or move quickly so that when they encounter the turtles, they can get away swiftly. So, yes, do not put goldfish in a tank with a turtle; although they are big, they are slow-swimmers;

Second, make hiding ports for your fish like ornaments, bushy plants, and other objects. This will help protect the fish from chasing turtles; and

Third, do not choose aggressive fishes as instead of turtles chasing, they might scare away the turtles.

Above all these, the main point is to find a fish that can move swiftly to avoid any confrontations with the turtles.

What Fish Can Live With Turtles

How to put a fish in a turtle tank?

We have shared some of the factors you should consider before mixing fish and turtles together in a tank or aquarium. Let us make a quick rundown. First, you need to ensure that you have the best turtle aquarium or tank that can accommodate the fish. This is done by considering the tank size, the tank conditions, the filtration system, and the compatibility of the fishes with the turtles.

So, to put the fish in a turtle tank, you have to put the fish bag afloat in the water for a few minutes; this will help adjust the temperature of the fish in the tank. Then slowly mix up the water of the tank into the fish bag every five minutes. This process will help the fish to have an adjusting time before ultimately putting it in the tank. After doing the said steps, slowly lose the fish from the fish bag to the tank.

Having considered all these, we will now talk about putting them in the tank. Putting a fish in a turtle tank is simple, but you have to take note of the following:

1. Feed your turtle first

This is actually a bit of common knowledge since whether the fish is suitable may not matter when the turtles are hungry. So, feed them first before putting in the fish.

2. Introduce the fish when the turtle is already matured

You will not want to be bothered by the dangers of putting fish with young turtles. The matured turtles will not have much interest in fish as that of young turtles. Plus, the turtles’ size will help you decide what fish you will be getting.

3. Observe the behavior of the turtle

If, after a few minutes of introducing the fish into the tank, the turtle goes chasing it, you may need to remove the fish.

Now you know how to put the fish in the turtle tank. It is super easy, but the considerations are a must!

Will turtles eat fish?

Well, certainly, turtles will eat fish. Some turtles are herbivores, and others are carnivores. But most of the turtles are omnivores. Being such, they need food that can give them the nutrients they need for their growth and sustenance. Fishes are a good source of minerals; thus, they are included in the food diet of turtles.

A fish is an excellent source of minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, zinc, iron, and magnesium. For the turtle’s shell, calcium and phosphorous are tremendously essential. The calcium ensures the strength of the turtles’ bone structure. With this, turtles will eat fish to maintain good health.

Can you put a betta fish with a turtle?

You cannot put a betta fish with a turtle. Betta fish are small, elongated, and slender fishes. They are very much delicate can be inviting to a turtle even if they are not hungry. The characteristics of betta fish would make it fall as the turtle’s prey.

However, if you insist and would love to put one in your aquarium, this may be allowed if you follow some cautionary steps. As earlier discussed, you should consider buying a large turtle tank or aquarium to have more space for turtles and fishes. This way, the chances of their confrontation may be made slim. Or at least, the betta can have its own space. You may out a hiding place so that the betta fish can stay there when the turtles are out for chasing. Consider too the tanks condition and filtration.

Can you keep turtles and goldfish together?

A goldfish is a fish pet that is common to people who have aquariums. It is a pond fish originating from a carp family. So now we come to the question. You may keep turtles and goldfish together unless you follow strict considerations.

Most turtles are omnivores; they feed on plants and animals such as fish. Goldfish is, of course, included in a turtle’s food. Even though you can put a fish in a turtle tank, you will have to make sure that there is ample space for these two to avoid confronting each other and an area in which the fishes can swim away and hide. Following the precautionary measures will allow the said set up.

But overall, it is not recommended that you put the goldfish with turtles since one of the factors you have to consider is compatibility. Goldfishes can grow big, and they are slow swimmers. They cannot then swiftly escape a chasing turtle which might result in them being harmed or eaten. Moreover, their size might affect the aquarium space.

Related Question(FAQ)

Will turtles eat fish in a pond?

Yes, turtles will eat fish in a pond. They will eat just anything they can find, especially the pond turtles. Since they are omnivores meaning they eat both plants and animals, fish will definitely be a part of their food diet.

Can a goldfish hurt a turtle?

Feeding the turtles with goldfish may not be a good idea. When a turtle consumes a goldfish, it can hurt it since it has spiny bones. When turtles consume goldfish, it may cause damage to the turtle’s throat or internal parts.

Do red eared sliders eat fish?

Yes, red-eared sliders eat fish. Adult red-eat siders fish are more omnivores than the young ones, who are more of a carnivore. This means that they feed both on plants and animals. As such, red-eared sliders are mainly provided with goldfish, minnows, or guppies. For goldfish, however, the intake should be controlled to avoid any harmful effects on the turtle.

Why did my turtle eat my fish?

Turtles will definitely eat fish. This is one of the healthy foods that turtles should consume to get good nutrients for their shell growth. So, the reason your turtle ate the fish is that it is actually its food. You might not have considered their compatibility when you mixed them together in the tank. Since most turtles see fish as its food, they will chase it. If the fish you have is not a fast swimmer or doesn’t know how to hide, it will surely be prey.

Final Thought

Having an aquarium is a delight as you can see your aquatic pets thriving. However, as beautiful as it looks, there are pets that you cannot put together just because you want to be in your aquarium.

It is possible to put your fish pets on your turtle tank but to ensure the safety of both; you will have to go the mile of securing the aquarium or tank. Consider the factors shared in this article to get the best turtle aquarium or tank that is suitable for both the turtles and the fish. Make sure too that you have checked their compatibility and living conditions. Well, if you mastered all these, then you are good to go!

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