Can Box Turtles Eat Oranges?

Turtles are amazing as pets because they need less care but provides a fun. You can pick any species as there are kinds of turtles to choose from. Most of the turtles are omnivorous, so you don’t have to worry about gathering food as they eat vegetables and meat broth. In this article, I will talk about box turtle, and their food habit especially will give the answer of the most asked question, can box turtles eat an orange? Let’s go through this article and know about the food habit of a box turtle.

Can Box Turtles Eat Oranges

What do Baby Box Turtles Eat?

To raise a baby box turtle, you have to ensure the proper environment and diet because both are important for growing healthy.  To raise up the box turtle, you will need a 4 feet long and 1-foot wide cage so that you can make a proper habitat inside or outside though it depends on space. After setting up the habitat, you have to ensure vegetation, leafy greens, fruits, and animal proteins as a healthy diet.

For outdoor habitat, at first, you have to ensure the habitat is secured and predator-proof. To secure the area, you can use wood or blocks to create solid walls and a secure lid. When the turtle needs sunlight for basking, let him stay in this area. You can plant some vegetation in the habitat to be used for hunt, sleep and hide.

For indoor habitat, make a tub made of concrete or Christmas tree. Use coco coir, loam compost as loos substrate for bedding to hold moisture. As the box turtle requires UV lighting, you have to use fluorescent lights in the habitat. For basking spots, use a heat bulb to keep the environment 85-88 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now for the box turtles diet, the baby turtle will need 25% vegetation, 25% fruits, and 50% animal proteins in the diet. When the baby box turtles get the chance to warm up in the mid-morning, give them food at that time. Just place the food in a flat space so that the baby turtle can easily see the food. Sometimes the baby turtle will not eat food for some reason. Try to change the location, chop the food in the small piece so that the baby turtle can take it. Bring varieties in the food.

The foods you can give to the baby turtles

Animal protiens Crickets, worms, slugs, night crawlers, snails, caterpillars, wax worms, grasshoppers.
Fruits Berries, mangoes, grapes, melons, apples, papaya and tomatoes
Vegetables Bell peppers, pumpkin, peas, green beans, carrots, squashes.
Leafy green Collard green, romaine and endive
Vegetation Clovers, leafy weeds and dandelions
Supplement Calcium, protiens.

Can Box Turtles Eat Oranges?

As I said before, the box turtle can take fruits also. But what about orange? Can box turtle eat the orange? The answer is, yes, the turtle can eat oranges in small portions and quantities. There is not enough proof that any kind of citrus food is harmful to turtles. So turtles can go for varieties like vegetables, whole grains, and small pieces of fruit in the diet. But remember, though the orange comes with benefits, yes, there is some little harm for turtles. If you know the harm side, then it will be easy for you to how much orange you can give to your turtle.

Turtles need a balanced diet every day, so you can offer him an orange but in low quantity. You have to be careful about the amount.

Oranges are a good source of vitamin C and sugar; it is good for turtle health. But turtles are small in size, so you have to think about the amount of sugar consumption. If you feed too much orange, the turtle will consume lots of sugar. Excess sugar alters the pH level in the digestive tracts. This alteration kills lots of natural gut bacteria that work for the wellbeing of gut health. Too much sugar consumption causes toxic shock, and your turtle nay faces the fatal situation. So you have to give orange in small portion to your box turtle once in a while.   ­­­­­­­­­

When you are giving oranges to your turtle, start with a small piece. Some turtle will find the orange delicious and will want more. And some turtle will not like the taste and avoid it. For them, you can try ­­­­other fruits and vegetables.

What to avoid for the turtle

Turtles eat every food you will give. But all foods are not good for turtle health because they may damage health. Don’t give these plants to your turtle because they are poisonous:

  • Leaves of rhubarb, tobacco, and potatoes
  • Peels and leaves, seeds and avocado
  • Tomato leaves and vines
  • Poison ivy

Turtles are lactose intolerant, so you have to avoid any types of dairy products, yogurt, milk, and cheese. Any type of canned foods, sausages, and any type of processed foods is not good for the turtle.

Don’t give pastries, cookies, candy to the turtle as they come with refined sugar

Tips to remember while feeding the turtle

  • Give oranges in a small portion
  • Do some researches about your turtle’s food habit
  • Turtle needs phosphorus, calcium. Vitamin A and D a lot.

FAQ Box Turtles:

What fruits can box turtles eat?

plums, cherries, mango, banana, melon, peaches, blackberries, pears, and apples are the best fruits for turtles.

Can box turtles eat grapes?

Yes, turtles can eat grapes because it provides calcium.

What do baby box turtles eat?

Baby turtle can eat insects, vegetables, fruits.


Maintaining the diet of the turtle, especially the box turtle, is important. You have to ensure a proper diet to your turtle to grow up healthy.

The box turtle eats fruits, vegetables, and they love them. The question about box turtle diet, especially about orange, is frequently asked. I hope they will get the proper answer from this article regarding eating oranges. Follow the article properly and try to give your turtle a proper diet and a happy environment. You will feel satisfied when your turtle will grow up healthy and roaming in front of you.

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