How to Make an Above Tank Basking Area for Turtles

Turtle is a wild animal, but keeping them as a pet has become a common practice nowadays. Turtle generally finds it hard to cope with under human supervision. For the well-being of the target, it is essential to provide them a suitable environment and surroundings of living. Though the turtle lives in the water mostly, they also require basking to get UV rays and laying eggs. That is why it is crucial to make a basking area of your turtle.

The basking area for turtle is available for buy in the pet shops and online. But they are generally cost a good amount of money. You can make a basking area for the turtle easily in your home. Keep reading this article to know how to make an above tank basking area for turtles.

How to Make an Above Tank Basking Area for Turtles

Why is the basking area important?

The basking is for turtle is exceptionally crucial as it aid in the well-being of the turtle’s health. Basking is a typical behavior of the turtle that starts after born. If the turtle cannot bask, it will become stressed. That can cause developing a variety of health issues. It let the turtle dry their body and raise the temperature. As completely dry by staying in the basking area, they can resist the development of fungal infections by removing the moisture.

Different ways of making basking area for turtle

There are different types of basking platforms available for the turtle. But an above tank basking area is more instinct for the turtle. Let us show you how to construct an above tank basking area using a plastic bin.

Make the basking area with a plastic basket

At first, gather the required things for this procedure:

  1. Anti cutter
  2. Coat or Cloth Hanger (made of wire)
  3. Zip ties
  4. Shelving Liner
  5. The plastic bin of suitable size

Here are the steps that you will require to serve for this purpose:

  1. As talking about the plastic bin size, it should be big enough so that the turtle can enjoy adequate roam inside the basking area. If you have an adult turtle, then go for a bigger and stronger basket. For the smaller turtle, you can go for the smaller basket. Also, mind the size of the aquarium as you are going to put it above the aquarium.
  2. Now you will require to create a doorway from the front side and bottom of the basket. The turtle will use the doorway to get into the basket. So, it needs to wide enough so that the turtle can enter with ease. Use the anti cutter for this purpose. Be careful, as you end up cutting the hands. 
  3. Go a little bit deeper when cutting the doorway from below. We will use the extra plastic as the ramp. Now remove the part you have cut entirely from the bin.
  4. Now we will attach the plastic to create the ramp. Drill two holes in the above of the doorway and two holes in the below. You will also require creating the same amount of drill in the ramp. Then use the zip to attach the ramp in the cut area. Make sure that it is touching the water, and the turtle can able to climb it easily.
  5. Then use the wire hanger to hold the ramp start by connecting the holes. Start with putting the one end of the wire hunger in the one hole of the ramp and other in the other hole in the bin of the same size. Do the same thing for the opposite side.

You are almost done, now you will require fixing the basking area on the above of the tank. If the tank is strong enough, then you can just put it on the tank on one side.  However, you shouldn’t do this if the turtle is adult and heavy in weight. Instead, you can fix the box with the wall by drilling screws. Now the final part, as the ramp is made of plastic, it can become very slippery. As a result, the turtle can find it hard to climb the basking area. You can use the shelving line to resist the slippery.

Make the basking place with the egg crate

You reuse the egg crates to make a basking area for your turtle. The procedure is also extremely easy. Follow the procedure below.

Things Required:

  • Some egg crates (large in size)
  • Zip ties
  • Pliers

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Start with preferring the crate into sheets for the procedure. You can prefer them in your preferred size according to your turtle size. However, we will suggest you cut them into 4ft in length and 2ft in width. Use sharp pliers to cut the pieces. Be careful, as you can end up hurting your hands. 
  2. Now resize the sheets as per your need. Prefer a piece for a surface and another piece of the same size for the high wall. Then create four walls in the right size using the crate for the walls.
  3. Then you will need to cut a doorway in the front wall of the sheet. Use the pliers for this purpose. Save the part you have cut to use it as the ramp.
  4. Now join the walls with each other to create the box. Use the zip ties to connect them to form a box lookalike shape. Then you can attach the ramp in the preferable height in front of the doorway. You can use a piece of carpet on the slope to make it more comfortable to climb for the turtle. 

Now your turtle basking area is ready to set in the top of the tank. You can follow the above procedure to fix it on the container.

The basking area for a turtle is an integral part of their environment. In the above, we discussed two ways of creating a turtle basking area with home ingredients. Hopefully, you will be able to make the turtle basking area using the mentioned instructions.

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